Superior Binaural Frequency Prescription for Achieving Maximum Focus, Maximizing Creativity and Superboosting Brain Power

Without Focus there is no Agility. With DeepFocus, outdated, distracting, negative thought-patterns are disrupted and new, healthier thought-processes are introduced to the mind. DeepMind Program Series are supercharged with powerful mind awakening subliminal, positive actionable suggestions – all downloaded instantly.

Play a Free Sample and Experience the Power of DMT

As you play this meditational soundtrack, the combination of binaural beats, natural sounds and subliminal whispered voices enter into your brain with minimal resistance, resulting in cognitive gains, positive conditioning and a healthier mind-state. Notice how your anxiety fades away gradually, your body feels more relaxed, and you can think more clearly. If you like this track, you will find below more powerful, specialized audio programs that you can play repeatedly for better results. This is not just binaural sound for meditation, this is 21st century frequency based technology designed with a holistic purpose in mind: Maximum wellbeing and mental productivity.

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Deep Focus Ultra: Mental Training for Maximum Concentration

Remove distracting toughts taking you away from your core life objectives. 60 Minute Binaural Audio Program

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Deep Creator Ultra: Open up your Creativity to the Extreme

Reboot your creative mind and behave like a creator of your reality. Improve your craft. Maximize the creation of solutions for your life challenges. 60 Minute Binaural Audio Program

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Deep Moon Ultra: Deep Sleep and Lucid Dreaming Meditation

Sleep deeply and dream lucidly. Combat imsomina and recharge your energy faster while just playing. 60 Minute Binaural Audio Program

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Deep Flow - Achieve Flow States and Mindful Attention

Get rid of negative mental loopholes draining your energy. Build resistance towards stress and elaborate your toughts in harmony with your deep desires and goals. 60 Minute Binaural Audio Program

Deep Focus Ultra: Instant Download. Instant Play. Lifelong Results in Focus Improvement.

  • 60 Minute Audio Programs
  • Lifetime Product. No Subscriptions, Own it.
  • Audible and subliminal programs appealing to both hemispheres of the brain
  • Binaural Audio Frequencies and NLP
  • One on One Support Available
  • Play axytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Remove anxiety and bring up well being states
  • Direct brainwave entrainment technology
  • Used by Athletes. Based in Neurobiology studies.

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Focus, creativity, flow and sleep. The ultimate neuro-toolkit for high performing people.

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Audible neuro enhancers designed by meditation gurus, NLP coaches, audio experts and psychologists.

Listen to each audible. Just let it work

Audible therapy is designed, engineered, and encoded using the latest digital audio technology. All our products were assembled using our trademarked Quad-Layered Inner Voice Simulation Technology™ (NLP-IVS).

DeepFocus Audio Training works because it is designed to cut down the blocks that hold you off. Giving you more power and clarity.

Enhance creativity and increase blood flow towards the neocortex

As you play the audio programs you get new insights and lessons on to how your creativity and imagination can be maximized towards the achievements you set.

Remove social anxiety and improve personal relationships

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, but for some it can become a constant problem that causes grief and suffering. This Audio program is a complete brainwash that will inspire you to share with others and enjoy their company.

Increase productive thinking and develop new skillsets

Beautifully simple, this audio program allows you to feel focused and adquire a "printable mind" and then creating the space for you to work on your purpose.

Improve physical performance in sports and fitness activities

As your breath settles, you visualize that you are performing to a journey of self-sculpting and athletic perfection.

Featured free sample

Sample of the latest meditation journey for achieving maximum focus and flow states. Remain calm and confident. Deep Creator Ultra combines the power of Binaurals, NLP guided suggestions, meditation and natural sounds.

Direct input

Take the right direction

Audible Therapy is designed, engineered, and encoded using the latest digital audio technology. All our products were assembled using our trademarked Quad-Layered Inner Voice Simulation Technology™ (NLP-IVS).

Maximum output

Use the most powerful assets

Increase blood flow and oxygen your brain with Multi Layer Brainwaves for Achieving Deep Flow States

Learning by Listening.

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