The Story of Brainwave Use

DeepmindTech started back in the year 2000 as an experimental sound design research project. After various successful applications, DMT evolved into a suite of sound based therapeutical and performance enhancer products. DMT has helped numerous people with attention problems, depression, drug addiction and sexual dysfunctions among others. But not only that, DMT has empowered healthy people to reach new frontiers, be sports motivation, business progress or family life. The Power behind DeepMindTech is the fusion of various psycho-technologies packed into concrete audibles.

The backbone of DeepMindTech is what we call the QUAD layer blend, made out of 4 input levels broken down into WhisperTech (silent whispering of voices for a thinking-like voice mode), NatureWaver (sounds of nature), BinauralWave (Isotonic sound waves looped) and NLPinfusion (low volume neuro-linguistic programming affirmations and embedded commands). Deepmind Tech is an aid to meditation, fitness preparation, high alertness, creativity and deep focus. Today you can simply plug your headphones, play one of the long tapes, 3 times per week, once per session, and you will experiment a change on attitude and behavior, $300% cheaper than therapy, 500% cheaper than drugs.


Think about this, the brain can be excited with musical sequences, since the times of Mozart to the modern times of Djs, musicians and composers know that sounds can make you release endorphins just like some recreational drugs do. Soundwaves can create altered states, increase performance, focus, and attention, without the need for a chemical intake. DeepMindTech audios are frequency based, with an impactful result and high therapeutical value. DMT programs can be played in computers or mp3 players and phones.

Before DeepMindTech, we developed a technique called IVS, inner voice simulation. The tech was based in emulating the inner voices of successful people and have those voices be played in your head. We also tested binaural audios on people with anxiety problems. The idea is that you can integrate techniques of neuro programming, binaural sound engineering, and environmental sounds. We were not breaking through, we were just adding another layer of efficiency to existing, lab-tested brainwave entrainment programs.

Some Cases:

Jack (Last name anonymous)  was a drug addict with attention problems, sexual confusion and lack of motivation, all the issues were connected and feeding on each other. One day he saw one of our “positive whisper”  videos on youtube and got hooked up to this new type of medicine: DeepMindTech audio technology. In his own words: “I stop being anxious all the sudden, and my hallucinations went away after playing the audios”

Joseph (last name anonymous)  is a yoga instructor and meditator, he found that DeepMindTech was another type of way to regulate brainwaves. He uses DeepMindTech audios for his Yoga sessions: “My clients seem to get more focused and perform better when I play the DeepMindAudios and specifically DeepFlow and DeepFocus”  The secret is that waves can influence our thoughts and mood.

Angela (last name anonymous)  is a creative performer, but she also works as an interior designer. She needs to have a constant flow of ideas for her work, she tried to study with chill music but found that DeepFocus and DeepCreator soundwave was the perfect work-track to use every day during her intense time at work: “DeepCreator has a subtle but real effect on my psyche. I get to come out with more vivid ideas that otherwise would appear diffuse and unclear” 

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