Are Binaural Beats and Audible Meditations Effective?

Just like anything on the Internet and the real world, some products are better than others. The applications of sound therapy have been researched not just by holistic medicine but also by hard science. About the therapeutical effects, that depends on many variables such as the type of dysfunction you are trying to deal with, do you want relaxation? focus, creativity? those “flow” and “clarity” states are easier to achieve than let’s say… a cure for some serious depression… Quitting smoking may also be an application of binaural that may or may not work because there are some chemical factors as well. Of course, you need some degree of willingness to try and be the guinea pig yourself. The good thing is that the side effects of audio binaural are almost none. I’ve heard cases of sound therapy being as effective as to help heroin addicts go clean. In other cases, there are people thinking they can cure all evils with binaural and this is not true. DeepMindTech audio programs use multiple well-balanced layers of nature sounds, binaural, isotonic sounds, NLP embedded commands, and melodic tunes that jake the “therapy” quite pleasant.